How do I propose a session or Lightning Talk?

It’s easy! Just complete this form and we’ll take care of the rest.


What do I propose?

There are roughly four things people do in THATCamp sessions: Talk, Make, Teach, and Play. Sometimes one session contains elements of all these, but it’s also a fair taxonomy for THATCamp sessions. In a Talk session proposal, you offer to lead a group discussion on a topic or question of interest to you. In a Make session proposal, you offer to lead a small group in a hands-on collaborative working session. In a Teach session, you offer to teach a skill, either a “hard” skill or a “soft” skill. In a Play session, anything goes — you suggest literally playing around as a group with one or more technologies, or just doing something fun or original.

What is a Lightning Talk?

A Lightning Talk is a short presentation, 5 minutes or less, about a topic of your choice. It can be about a project that you want to promote, a digital tool you discovered and want to share with others, or a request for consultation or help with troubleshooting. If you are using slides, keep it to 5 slides or less.

Talk session examples

Make session examples

Teach session examples

Play session examples

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